Jennie Jacobs is an actress and singer working in London's fringe and West End, in films, and on television.  She has appeared in plays, musicals, music videos, commercials, shorts and features.


She represented The London School of Musical Theatre at the Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year competition in 2011.




..."I couldn't take my eyes off her". - Punter, The Rudy Vees cabaret show


"...Jennie Jacobs was brilliantly seductive and vampish as Amy Rounsaville." - Everything Theatre


"...very clearly a triple threat performer of immense talent."

- Mrs Valjean


"...Jennie Jacobs is sexy and heartless as his ambitious wife, wannabe First Lady Amy…every actor nails his or her accent, high notes and choreography down to a step."

- The Public Reviews


"...The exception to this would be Dr N.H. Service herself, played by the obviously talented Jennie Jacobs, who was able to bring depth, humour and nuance to her character despite its blatant intention as an instrument of political opinion and anxiety...."

- Everything Theatre


"...Jennie Jacobs hits the high notes as the glamorous wife willing to put up with her vague senator husband as long as she gets to the White House."

- Musical Theatre Review                                            


"....There were some fantastic individual show moments such as Emily Lynne’s rendition of “Middle East Disney Land,” Hans Rye’s “Am I Nervous,” Jennie  Jacobs’ “Why Aren’t You President, Yet”...

- Official Theatre


"...Jennie Jacobs is an absolute hoot, and brings to life so much humour through her facial expressions - and her voice is outstanding."

- Everything Theatre





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