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A high-octane musical journey through time, featuring piano, cello,  and voice.


Two musicians have set themselves an impossible challenge: can they cover 1000 years of classical music in only 45 minutes?!


Available for corporate bookings, private parties and cruise contracts. Second show available on request. Background music is also available if a full show is not suitable for your event.


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The perfect comedy cabaret band. Original comedy songs from the mind of Jonathan Kydd. The band comprises @jonathankydd @jenniejacobs @lucygrainger_1 and Cliff Charles on guitar


‘Just fantastic! Great voices, brilliant lyrics and perfect comic timing.’  - BARRY DYER




Part cabaret, part couples therapy session, join Jacobs and James as they REVUE their relationship through song, dance, live music and comedy.


"A kitschy cabaret...I'm giggling right now just thinking about it."  - Everything Theatre


"Starring two outstandingly talented performers who were born to shine on stage. Great songs, great laughs, and lovely comedic timing." -  Everything Theatre

humoresque duo